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We know he is the client in the story and the on who is looking after the astrologer. The story themes: Human greed, it is possible because the astrologer agreed to talk to Guru because of the money he offered. Guilt of crime, because it was hard for him to keep secret his crime and then had to confess to his wife. And finally irony, there is great irony in this story, because the whole time the astrologer used his knowledge of Guru at his favour to get money, but Nayak was completely unaware that he knew all of that because he tried to kill him in the past.

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Story Review: An Astrologer’s Day by RK Narayan

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An Astrologer's Day by R. K. Narayan, 1947

Jump to Page. Search inside document. An Astrologer's Day "An Astrologer's Day" was first published in the newspaper The Hindu and then was made the title story of a collection of short stories which appeared in the year that India gained its independence. MhayAnne Perez. Tanaji Santra. Michael Williams. Aleksandar Trifunovic. Prantik Banerjee. Chris Zhou. Stephanie Huckabee. Jeremias Rivera. Steve Anthony Cortez Principe.

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